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Issue #287 resolved

GLee version extremely out of date

Alex Szpakowski
created an issue

The version of GLee used in LÖVE (5.33) seems to be older or about as old as OpenGL 3.0. It might be prudent to use the latest version (5.5 - available on Sourceforge at http://sourceforge.net/projects/glee/ ) in case LÖVE might take advantage of newer OpenGL features.

I did have to add #include <stddef.h> to the latest glee.h to get it to work, however.

Comments (8)

  1. Alex Szpakowski reporter

    I got GLEW working with LÖVE pretty easily (diff attached, doesn't include glew source or header files). I opted not to enable glewExperimental since it adds an extra ~90ms to the glewInit call, but doing so may allow some beta drivers to utilize new extensions they support, so it might be worth taking a closer look.

  2. Alex Szpakowski reporter

    Note that LÖVE's setMode appears to perform about 70-80ms faster on my system with GLEW (but not glewExperimental) compared to GLee: ~60ms vs ~140ms. Not a big deal by any means, but still noticeable.

    Additionally, GLEW seems to include some non-recent extensions which are missing from the version of GLee which LÖVE uses. EXT_texture_edge_clamp (which has widespread support according to the Wildfire Games OpenGL capabilities database) is one such example.

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