tiff and mng support checks should be removed

Issue #290 resolved
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The checks for mng and tiff in the configure script should be removed: - You need that support in the DevIL version available at runtime, not at build time - For the check to success, in most distributions a -devel/-dev package of tiff and mng need to be installed. The user probably only has the real libraries installed, not the development files. So the checks gives false negatives.

Index: configure.in

--- configure.in.orig +++ configure.in @@ -31,8 +31,6 @@ AC_ARG_ENABLE([luajit], ) ) AC_SEARCH_LIBS([ilInit], [IL], [], AC_MSG_ERROR([Can't LÖVE without DevIL])) -AC_SEARCH_LIBS([mng_initialize], [mng], [], AC_MSG_ERROR([DevIL needs MNG])) -AC_SEARCH_LIBS([TIFFOpen], [tiff], [], AC_MSG_ERROR([DevIL needs TIFF])) AC_SEARCH_LIBS([FT_Load_Glyph], [freetype], [], AC_MSG_ERROR([Can't LÖVE without FreeType])) AC_SEARCH_LIBS([PHYSFS_init], [physfs], [], AC_MSG_ERROR([Can't LÖVE without PhysicsFS])) AC_SEARCH_LIBS([ModPlug_Load], [modplug], [], AC_MSG_ERROR([Can't LÖVE without ModPlug]))

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