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Issue #305 wontfix

Canvas/render target efficiency

Alex Szpakowski
created an issue

The performance of switching render targets could be improved by using multiple texture attachments if more than one canvas of the same resolution is created.

See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2198541/what-is-the-best-way-to-handle-fbos-in-opengl

Comments (5)

  1. Alex Szpakowski reporter
    • While multiple color attachments are supported on desktop OpenGL, multiple stencil attachments aren't, so this would require a rather obtuse implementation for likely little gain.

    • Multiple color attachments aren't supported on OpenGL ES 2 (although you can swap out the texture of the color attachment). I've heard tile-based GPUs found in mobile devices have a hefty cost associated with switching framebuffers though, so if performance is an issue there it might be worth revisiting.

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