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Issue #41 resolved

release dates in changelog?

Andrzej Giniewicz
created an issue

I was just browsing trough changelog, and though - "hey, next release will be quite something", then "hmm... how long it was from last release?" but I had to travel around the page to find some details on it - so - how about adding simple "(released [date])" to each "Love [version]" line in changelog (it would also tell people who are browsing, that 0.7 or whatever will be current isn't released yet, because it would lack the date near the heading line)? It would be nice adition I think for people browsing the changelog - but I'd say it's extremely low priority thing :)

Comments (5)

  1. Andrzej Giniewicz reporter

    To make life easier and not loose time on something like that, if you decide to include dates in changelog, I "imported" them from sf.net page download history. I assumed that release date is same as date of putting sources there.

  2. Andrzej Giniewicz reporter

    only versions >=0.6 are tagged though, if unused now sf.net project page goes down, it would be harder to track all dates. Even that it seemed like something that improved changelog reading I think, I don't care much :)

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