Sources "dying" almost randomly while playing

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I'm Nixola from the forums. While adding file support to Play!, I discovered that if I use a pretty long file (40sec) as source, and I play 2 or more of them together, they (or only some of them) stop playing, and even by doing source:stop(); source:rewind(); source:stop(); source:play(); they won't restart playing. I wasn't able to reproduce the bug with a 10 seconds Ogg Vorbis file or with some .5 seconds LÖVE-generated sources, so I think it only shows with big files. Link to the forum thread with the download:

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  1. Nicola Orlando

    Also, I'm using Windows 7 and the lastest LÖVE build has this issue as well as 0.8.0. Furthermore, but I don't know if it's related, sources sometimes start looping, but I didn't call setLooping on them. The higher the pitch set (I called setPitch on each of them) the shorter the looping. I'm using a netbook with an Intel Aton N280@1.66 ghz, 1GB Ram and an Intel Display Adamter Family 945 (Intel GMA 950)

  2. Nicola Orlando

    Actually dead sources rewind (I was not rewinding properly), they just don't stop when I tell them to. And after playing, rewinding and stopping randomly some sources my .love froze

  3. Alex Szpakowski

    Several issues related to playback of Sources are fixed in 0.9.0, and although I don't know if this is one of them, neither I nor Nixola have been able to reproduce this recently, so I'm marking this resolved.

    If this is still happening with the latest 0.9.0 code please reopen the issue.

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