love.mousemove (x, y)

Issue #49 wontfix
Luiji Maryo
created an issue

We should be able to detect when the mouse moves so that we can implement hover-over items.

{{{ function love.mousemove (x, y) if 50 < x < 100 and 50 < y < 20 then MyMenuItem::hoverover () end end }}}

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  1. FelipeBudinich

    I'm not sure if i understand you, but can't we already do that with love.mouse.getPosition( ) ? (in fact that's how i'm making all the buttons on my game, and they change colour and all the fancy "hovering over me" stuff)

  2. Anonymous

    I think the idea was to have a specific thing like love.keypressed, except for mouse movement.

    Though it seems like a better idea to just use love.mouse.getPosition()...

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