love.timer.getTime unnecessary due to love.timer.getMicroTime

Issue #492 resolved
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Currently, it seems that love.timer.getTime is simply a less accurate version of love.timer.getMicroTime.

The wiki says that love.timer.getTime starts at an unspecified starting time. Checking the source, love.timer.getTime seems to wrap SDL_GetTicks converted to seconds, and it makes sense that this number wouldn't quite be equal to the time that the game has been running. So I can't see why anyone would want to use love.timer.getTime instead of love.timer.getMicroTime.

I propose that love.timer.getTime be removed, and maybe that love.timer.getMicroTime claims the name love.timer.getTime, although that name kind of implies it returns the current local time.

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  1. Boolsheet

    love.timer.getMicroTime uses non-monotonic timers on Linux and OS X. Things can go very wrong if the user or the NTP daemon/service changes the time. SDL_GetTicks gives us a stable and monotonic timer with millisecond resolution that should work the same on all platforms.

    Edit: Apparently SDL uses a non-monotonic timer for SDL_GetTicks on OS X. That's just great.

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