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Issue #495 resolved

Large spritebatches doesn't render properly

created an issue

Somehow, when spritebatches are made from large amount of quads, it doesn't show properly (it is trimmed). My english isn't really good so I think .love file will explain what I mean.


If you increase the qsize values (inside load_screen_settings()), decreasing amount of quads drawn to spritebatch, the image will show correctly.

My OS: elementaryOS (based on ubuntu 12.04), 64-bit, latest Löve version from PPA, AMD Radeon HD6770.

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  1. Boolsheet

    The SpriteBatch currently has a limit of around 16000 sprites. LÖVE fails silently if you go over it and may wrap around and draw the sprites from the beginning of the batch again.

    There's already a fix lying around somewhere, it just has to be applied.

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