Large spritebatches doesn't render properly

Issue #495 resolved
created an issue

Somehow, when spritebatches are made from large amount of quads, it doesn't show properly (it is trimmed). My english isn't really good so I think .love file will explain what I mean.

If you increase the qsize values (inside load_screen_settings()), decreasing amount of quads drawn to spritebatch, the image will show correctly.

My OS: elementaryOS (based on ubuntu 12.04), 64-bit, latest Löve version from PPA, AMD Radeon HD6770.

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  1. Boolsheet

    The SpriteBatch currently has a limit of around 16000 sprites. LÖVE fails silently if you go over it and may wrap around and draw the sprites from the beginning of the batch again.

    There's already a fix lying around somewhere, it just has to be applied.

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