Fullscreen mac game responds to Taskbar

Issue #507 invalid
Qais Patankar
created an issue

If you put a game into fullscreen, then go to the top left corner to click the Apple item (you can't see it, its underneath the game because the game is fullscreen) then the mouse will be forced visible (checked, love.mouse.setVisible isn't being called more than once within my code using a replacement function) - you can't see the menu (which says "About this Mac", Log out, Software Update, System Preferences) but it's actually opened in the background.

I actually accidentally turned my mac off because I was trying to interact with some buttons that were in exactly the same position.

I think the solution to this is either to allow the taskbar to go over the game or prevent the mouse input from going through the game and into the menu.

Also, It'd be awesome if the fullscreen game can be minimised when in fullscreen (using the gestures usually work for Valve games, but most other games don't respond or minimise the game when CMD+TAB or a gesture is used)

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