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There seems to be a lot of inconsistencies within the love.filesystem. Perhaps we could consider re-writing the love.filesystem to act as a wrapper for LuaFileSystem and Penlight. This way, we know we can be more cross-platform, and offer a way for users to be able to use a universal way to create paths via penlight.

Here is some of the filesystem's functions and what they could use instead;

love.filesystem.enumerate => iter, dir_obj = lfs.dir (path) & pl.dir
love.filesystem.exists => lfs.attributes (filepath [, aname])
love.filesystem.getAppdataDirectory => pl.dir
love.filesystem.getLastModified => lfs.attributes (filepath [, aname])
love.filesystem.getSaveDirectory => pl.dir
love.filesystem.getUserDirectory => pl.dir
love.filesystem.getWorkingDirectory => lfs.currentdir () & pl.dir
love.filesystem.isDirectory => lfs.attributes (filepath [, aname])
love.filesystem.isFile => lfs.attributes (filepath [, aname])
love.filesystem.mkdir => lfs.mkdir (dirname) && pl.dir
love.filesystem.remove => os.remove(path)
love.filesystem.setIdentity => pl.dir
love.filesystem.setSource => pl.dir

I understand there is a lot of discussion about security in love when it comes to the love.filesystem, but I think we ought to consider letting users use pl, lfs to it's full extend. Perhaps offer a build flag to disable non save directory filesystem commands.

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  1. Anders Ruud repo owner

    Surely, it must be easier to fix the inconsistencies. What are they?

    PhysicsFS currently provides nice on-the-fly decompression of .zip files, as you know. LFS does not do that (AFAIK) ... does Penlight?

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