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Jesse Coyle
created an issue

Hello, I'm quite new to programming and am heavily learning. I just wanted to make a simple game to help myself learn and am watching a couple tutorials. Though I don't feel I'm learning much just because it's incredibly heard for me to comprehend the tables and arguments systems.

Though onto the problem... while trying to make a simple skeleton menu for a future more advanced one, I did it! But too bad the gameState variable or something isn't working and won't go into the "playing" state. I'm not really sure how to explain it, but I wanted to click "start" and it go to a different colored screen just to show it worked. And it doesn't. No lua errors, just nothing.

oh and an edit, the playerDraw() (in a different lua file) is just a function that changes the background color to show that it was working, in which it didn't.

I'll put the files in the attachments here.

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