Preference to let lost focus sleep app

Issue #553 wontfix
Johan Basberg
created an issue

When LÖVE is running in the background it still seems to run at full speed.

Would be great with an option or preference to have LÖVE sleep when in the background - so it uses as little resources are possible.

Currently I have to shut down LÖVE whenever I leave the window because it causes the fan to start and things to eventually slow down.

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  1. Bart van Strien

    So.. you could add a flag to your game, set from love.focus when the focus is lost, unset when it is regained, then tell love.update to sleep a lot while that flag is enabled?

    This is not a feature I'd see used often, since love is meant for games, and games typically aren't backgrounded for extended periods of time.

  2. Johan Basberg reporter

    I'm already doing that. I combine lick with love.focus() and it works great. I just think it should be a preference for development.

    But I just think it should be possible to have löve use less resources in the background without adding code to a project.

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