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Issue #568 resolved

Default save folder on windows when running an .exe version doesn't work

Anonymous created an issue

The default identity seems to be the name of the file that's being run. So when running the source, it's "game", when running the .love, it's "game.love" and when running the .exe it'll be "game.exe". However, some windows versions seem to refuse to work with such a folder name.

Maybe the default identity, it not set through "love.filesystem.setIdentity" should be game_exe, or just game - even when running a compiled .exe.

Comments (3)

  1. Germanunkol

    Very true. Still, I believe this is easy to fix and should be fixed. It took me quite some time to find out why it wasn't working on Windows systems - I didn't have any windows to test it on myself. And I like how Löve2D has very few platform-specific problems like this one - we should keep it that way! Oh, the Anonymous poster above is me, btw.

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