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I'm running LOVE 0.8.0 on Ubuntu Linux, on a laptop with an nVidia GeForce card, max resolution 1600x900. I tried using the fullscreen mode with lower resolutions. Using 1024x768 I got it working, but when I quit the desktop wouldn't return to its native resolution. When I tried using setMode(1600, 900, true), it worked, but after quitting the desktop was 1024x768 again! I don't know why would it happen.

My current workaround is the following:

H_RES = <desired width>
V_RES = <desired height>

function love.load(), 0)
    original_h_res, original_v_res =

    --Load video mode, V_RES, true)


function love.quit(), original_v_res)

It's not especially nice, but it works. The guys in IRC suggested me to signal the problem anyway.

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  1. Alex Szpakowski

    It's almost certain that this is either an issue with your window manager, or SDL's code which interacts with it (LÖVE uses SDL for windowing.)

    Unfortunately fixing either of those situations is out of the scope of LÖVE's code. It may have been fixed with SDL 2.0 (which LÖVE 0.9.0 uses). If not, there's already a bug report by someone else on SDL's issue tracker. If you still have this issue with 0.9.0, you should post there:

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