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Mouse Repeat

Anonymous created an issue

We already have a keyboard repeat and interval, it would be cool if we could have a mouse repeat and interval, for such uses as click and drag to draw or fill.

There are way to work around this with checking if the mouse is down, but I figure since we already have a keyboard repeat it might not be too hard to implement a mouse repeat as well.

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  1. Alex Szpakowski

    Click-and-drag requires the mouse button to be in the same state every frame for it to have acceptable behaviour I think, so that's.. not really a good use for mouse repeat.

    Are there any other games or programs at all that have 'mouse repeat'? What do they use it for?

    I can see someone trying to apply it to something like firing a weapon, but that is a worse solution than using some sort of timer combined with love.mouse.isDown, because the former always lets the player shoot as fast as they want if they mash the mouse button, but the latter gives that control to the game developer.

    I should also note that LÖVE uses SDL's built-in key repeat functionality, but no such built-in functionality exists in SDL for the mouse.

  2. Anonymous

    If no such functionality exists for the mouse, and it's not easy to add, then just forget it.

    I saw a potentially easy to implement but lacking feature. If it's not easily done with the tools provided, then no big deal.

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