Streaming sound source skips

Issue #630 resolved
Chris Klimas
created an issue

Apologies for not being able to reduce this any further, but it seems like this bug is very timing dependent. I remove any elements from this .love, the bug doesn't occur.

Basically -- I have a list of long sounds being played via streaming, one at a time. While these sounds are playing, I'm playing both one-off sounds and sounds that loop for a bit. The attached .love demonstrates this. When the third song plays, it starts stuttering on the first second or so of the song.

Some things I tried to focus in on the bug, but "fixed" it:

  • Removing either the one-off or the looping sounds
  • Using shorter songs
  • Using a single song, or a single looping sound

I tried on both Windows 7 and OS X 10.8 and this bug seems to happen consistently with the .love.

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  1. Alex Szpakowski

    I've tried to reproduce the bug with both LÖVE 0.8.0 and tip (0.9.0) in OS X 10.8, but the issue never came up for me. Bartbes was able to reproduce it in Linux I believe.

  2. Chris Klimas reporter

    On OS X I was running from the command line instead of drag/dropping onto the LOVE icon, in case that makes a difference. Regardless it seems really slippery to track down.

  3. Bart van Strien

    I was able to reproduce it, but I couldn't track it down. Thankfully, Boolsheet could, turns out we don't reset the looping on buffers, but we do re-use them. Unfortunately I think this is really hard to workaround from lua, I guess it is less likely to happen if you set a static source to non-looping before you discard it, though. (Should be fixed in 0.9.0 btw.)

    Also, thanks for reporting this, I'd seen this before, but I never managed to figure out why this happens, it's good that our audio is less buggy now.

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