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Issue #631 wontfix

Removing points

created an issue

Perhaps points should be considered for removal, here's why I think this:

1: They might not be useful.

Is there a good reason to have them? I know they're fast, but are there any practical use cases where a rectangle, circle or image wouldn't suffice?

(I used to think that "setting a pixel to a certain color quickly" was kind of a compelling use case, but I can't seem to get it to cleanly set an exact pixel, even with the rough point style and 0.5 offsets)

2: They're confusing!

All of the other primitives are easy enough to understand, but points seem kind of weird. They're like, rectangles or circles, depending on whether the style is "rough" or "smooth", and they're positioned from the center, and the circles are anti-aliased, and they seem to exist because they're fast to draw.

3: They seem to have problems, see #581.

Comments (2)

  1. Alex Szpakowski

    I've used them in my games. I could have accomplished the same things with images or circles, but it's a nice convenience function.

    I would disagree about removing them, except for the fact that they have so many issues. At the very least I think their implementation needs to be rethought. If it can't be done in a way that preserves the advantages over circles/rectangles/images, then maybe they should be removed completely.

  2. Alex Szpakowski

    Smooth points will probably need to be looked at (and possibly removed) in the future, but I don't think points will be removed entirely.

    They can make some interesting effects with low cost (both in terms of code complexity and performance) - there are are even some specialized things (mostly involving shaders) that can only be done nicely with points.

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