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Issue #632 resolved

Is there a better name for Source:get/setDistance?

created an issue

I'm not sure if Source:setDistance is such a meaningful name for what it does. It kind of translates to "set the distance of the Source", which doesn't really make sense.

How about Source:setAttenuationDistance? It's long and difficult to read and difficult to remember how to spell, but hey, there is also ParticleSystem:setTangentialAcceleration. :D I think it's at least descriptive though.

If that sounds good, perhaps setDistanceModel could be renamed to setAttenuationModel? It's maybe kind of more descriptive I think, and it would match setAttenuationDistance.

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  1. hahawoo reporter

    They do? Isn't the distance to the listener just the distance between the listener and Source positions, as set by their setPosition functions?

    As far I know, the reference and maximum distance set by setDistance, along with the attenuation model set by setDistanceModel, determines how much the volume of a Source is attenuated at some distance from the listener: http://books.google.com/books?id=xtrEvAdSOWEC&pg=P433

    (Also, what's known in LÖVE as a "distance model" is called an "attenuation model" on this page: http://books.google.com/books?id=xtrEvAdSOWEC&pg=P428)

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