ENet Integration - take two

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Joel Schumacher created an issue

As some devs may have noticed in the IRC, I have been working on another, more lövely integration of ENet into löve, which works now. It is largely based on lua-enet and love-enet.

You can find my code here: love-enet-new

As I said most of it is not from me, so the coding style might not be appropriate and not everything is proofread, though most of it is tested. If it's necessary I can of course take on the task of prettifying the code.

I adjusted an example from leafo/MartinFelis. It's a little bloated and not the best way to present the integration regarding simplicity and löveliness, but also: If you would rather see a simpler example first: no problem. The example can be found here: http://pastebin.com/N6uNaWss

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  1. Martin Felis

    Discussion on IRC led to the following plan: 1) integrate leafo's ENet wrapper more or less directly into Löve's build system and expose it to Löve. 2) create a more usable and coding style conformant wrapper around enet and luasocket within a love.network module.

    Most of the work for 1) is done in my fork https://bitbucket.org/MartinFelis/love-enet however the vs2010 project files have to be updated to build ENet.

  2. Joel Schumacher reporter

    Hi Martin! Apparently I forgot to remove the .sdf file. This is the only file though that I would recognize as a temporary file you mentioned. Am I right with that? Is there still a need for a proper fork since 1) is mostly done with love-enet? And did I understand correctly that with love-enet-new most of the work for 2) is not done?

  3. Martin Felis

    Yes, everything is correct.

    Concerning 1) yes, it is mostly done. What is left to do is to adjust the vs2010 project files minimally such that enet gets built as well. Maybe you can fork https://bitbucket.org/MartinFelis/love-enet and adjust the vs2010 project?

    Concerning 2) that is probably an issue on its own or at least the discussion on the love.network api should take place somewhere else.

  4. Joel Schumacher reporter

    I probably don't have time in the next few weeks (months) (exams coming up), so if anyone else wants to do this, please do so!

  5. Alex Szpakowski

    LÖVE is now using @leafo 's and @MartinFelis ' love-enet / lua-enet via require("enet").

    A more extensive and integrated love.network module is planned, but that's a topic for another issue. :)

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