Audio doesn't always seem to play

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Chris Foster
created an issue

I have no idea if this is just a problem on my end or not, but relatively recently audio playback inside of Love has been slim to none. Very rarely the audio will work perfectly fine, and most of the time I get no sound at all.

Again, not entirely sure if this is just me but I've looked around and I can't see a reason that it shouldn't be working for me.

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  1. Chris Foster reporter

    I just tried something different, it seems to only happen when I use the console window with it. I have it all linked in a shortcut that opens both the console and the game and it does seem like that's when it started happening... And yes, I redownloaded it a few different times over the past week.

  2. Chris Foster reporter

    They're .ogg files, and they work perfectly fine without the console it seems.


    Most of the time... I just tried again without the console and it happened again... This is really weird o.O

  3. Sarge

    I am having the same problem.

    • I use löve2D 0.9, not the pre-released version
    • .wav and .mp3 sound files

    "Sometimes" I get no sound, and seems like it is not media type specific. I get no error and everything else works perfectly.

    I used ) to check that. When music plays, I get fx = 0, fy = 0, fz = -1, ux = 0, uy = 1, uz = 0 and when it does not play I get some large random fixed values, olny uz always changes. Here is a ss:


    And when this problem happens, game starts with volume zero, tested with )

    I did not find it reasonable to check more, there is an obvious problem, that might be hardware dependent or not. That is your job to solve. I hope I could explained it well enough. And please change the status of the issue.

  4. Alex Szpakowski

    We do check for problems during initialization, and we make it fall back to the 'null' audio backend if something failed in our OpenAL backend.

    The 'null' audio backend just has stub methods, which would explain the 'random' (uninitialized) values for getOrientation.

  5. Sarge

    It shows on my pc, and I tried tens of times, the project i was having problem, with this nightly build, it worked each time. Perfect, thanks a lot!

  6. Alex Szpakowski

    After some good investigative work by @Anders Ruud, we think we found the issue: a race condition was introduced in OpenAL-Soft's primary audio backend in Windows, a while back. The issue only occurred after the audio backend was chosen by OpenAL-Soft, so it completely failed instead of falling back to a different backend.

    The race condition in OpenAL-Soft is hopefully fixed as of a couple weeks ago. The next version of LÖVE for Windows will be using a build of it which includes the fix, but the current nightly Windows builds of LÖVE created by @Kyle Conroy don't have this fixed version.

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