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I think it might be good to remove get/setKeyRepeat, because this functionality can be achieved using Lua.

It's useful for things like text box input, but there are heaps of other things like key repeat in games too: there's "joystick repeat" for using a menu or navigating a grid with a game controller, there's maybe even "mouse repeat" for holding down a scrollbar arrow, and there are cases where you want key repeat for some keys but not others, imagine a Tetris-style game where you want key repeat for moving the piece left and right, but not for rotating, and also you want the same controls for a game controller too. So I think key repeat should be handled just like the timing of anything else.

It's also got a kind of weird API, I think this is because of how SDL does it. I would expect the function to be love.keyboard.setKeyRepeat( delay, interval ), where delay and interval could be any non-negative numbers, and calling it without arguments turns the key repeating off. However, the delay can't be 0, which seems like a reasonable value to have, and to turn the key repeating off you call the function with 0 as the delay.

And basically, I'm not sure it fits nicely into LÖVE. I think that things in LÖVE either:

  • Do something you couldn't do otherwise.
  • Do something which would be really slow otherwise.
  • Are a simple and useful shortcut, like is a shortcut for select(2,, and Canvas:renderTo(f) is a shortcut for f()

And I'm not sure if setKeyRepeat falls into any of those categories.

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  1. hahawoo reporter

    Oh right, that's pretty cool. I'm still not sure if that would make sense for LÖVE to have, but it's certainly more reasonable I think.

  2. hahawoo reporter
    • changed status to open

    No wait, I actually still think this should be removed, at least until LÖVE uses SDL 2.0. :P

    I think SDL 2.0 style key repeating may have a use for text input. Like for a chat system in a multiplayer game, you might want key repeating when typing with the same feel as your operating system. This is a still a bit... you know... not-super-necessary-maybe, but it's still a valid mechanism I think. But for something like a menu system, I don't think it's quite right, because you'd want the same repeating settings for navigating the menu with joysticks, and the mouse too if there are buttons, right?

    Here's a demo of key repeating using what LÖVE already provides:

    function love.load()
        keyrepeat.set(0.5, 0.04)
        s = ''
    function love.update(dt)
    function love.keypressed(key, unicode)
        keyrepeat.pressed(key, unicode)
        s = s .. key
    function love.keyreleased(key)
    function love.draw(), 0, 0)'\n\n'..keyrepeat.state, 0, 0)'\n\n\n'..keyrepeat.key, 0, 0)
    keyrepeat = {}
    keyrepeat.enabled = false
    keyrepeat.delay = 0
    keyrepeat.interval = 0
    keyrepeat.time = 0
    keyrepeat.state = 'off'
    keyrepeat.key = ''
    keyrepeat.unicode = 0
    function keyrepeat.set(delay, interval)
        if delay == 0 then
            keyrepeat.enabled = false
            keyrepeat.enabled = true
            keyrepeat.delay = delay
            keyrepeat.interval = interval
            keyrepeat.time = 0
            keyrepeat.state = 'off'
    function keyrepeat.get()
        return keyrepeat.delay, keyrepeat.interval
    function keyrepeat.update(dt)
        if keyrepeat.enabled and keyrepeat.state ~= 'off' then
            keyrepeat.time = keyrepeat.time + dt
            if keyrepeat.state == 'delay' and keyrepeat.time > keyrepeat.delay then
                keyrepeat.time = keyrepeat.time - keyrepeat.delay
                keyrepeat.state = 'interval'
            if keyrepeat.state == 'interval' then
                while keyrepeat.time > keyrepeat.interval do
                    keyrepeat.time = keyrepeat.time - keyrepeat.interval
                    love.keypressed(keyrepeat.key, keyrepeat.unicode)
    function keyrepeat.pressed(key, unicode)
        if keyrepeat.enabled and (keyrepeat.key ~= key or keyrepeat.state == 'off') then
            keyrepeat.state = 'delay'
            keyrepeat.key = key
            keyrepeat.unicode = unicode
    function keyrepeat.released(key)
        if keyrepeat.enabled and keyrepeat.key == key then
            keyrepeat.state = 'off'
  3. hahawoo reporter

    Actually maybe it shouldn't be removed. Otherwise it'd be like "Hey, this functionality has been removed!" And then later it would be like "Hey, it's back again!".

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