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Issue #655 resolved


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I noticed this method was missing, is it possible?

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  1. hahawoo reporter

    No, and yes. :D

    It's like ParticleSystem getters. Is the functionality useful? Well... maybe... possibly... perhaps?

    But! Is knowing that you can set and get the state of objects and the global state useful? I really do think so! You don't need to remember which state can or can't be gotten or set, because it all can; it's simpler.

    Edit: For reference, there is SpriteBatch:getBufferSize and ParticleSystem:setBufferSize andParticleSystem:getBufferSize. SpriteBatch:setBufferSize wants to belong.

  2. Alex Szpakowski

    I suppose it could be useful for stretching the available space in the SpriteBatch (without having to re-add everything), if the exact maximum number of sprites isn't known when it's originally created.

    Not all getters should have a matching setter though, although in this case ParticleSystem:setBufferSize already exists which makes the argument for SpriteBatch:setBufferSize a tiny bit more compelling.

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