Seamless tracker music looping

Issue #663 wontfix
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I've uploaded a one bar loop, one as a .xm from MilkyTracker, and one converted to an .ogg from a .wav from MilkyTracker. Warning: the .ogg file is louder!

The .ogg loops seamlessly, however the .xm doesn't. The .xm loops seamlessly in MilkyTracker, ModPlug Player, and foobar2000 with foo_dumb.

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  1. Boolsheet

    I didn't find any option in libmodplug that would have the desired effect. You can just add a position jump at the end of your track to make it loop. bartbes recently fixed the issue that prevented that in 0.8.0.

  2. Bart van Strien

    More like "cantfix", I had a poke in the modplug source, and from what I can tell we're doing everything correctly, but modplug might be padding. It seems its internal read method only returns a boolean indicating success reading into the buffer, this means modplug can't tell us we're at the end if it has a partially filled buffer, only if it couldn't fill it at all.

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