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Issue #668 resolved

Icon in love.conf and setIcon accepting file path

created an issue

Two proposals, but they might be related.

First, love.conf can set the video mode and window caption, but it can't set the icon. It seems like t.icon wants to belong too, having the value of a string to the file path of the icon.

It would be a bit weird though because:

  1. The other configuration settings are, like, "literal" values, whereas a file path is kinda different, it's just pointing to a file.
  2. setIcon doesn't accept a file path, so it's kinda inconsistent in a way.

The first thing, well, it's different from other things, but I can't really see anything wrong with it.

And, for the second thing, here's the next proposal: Having setIcon accept a file path!

I know this isn't so good because I assume it has the same problem which the old setFont did from memory, which was that it was a setter which created an object, so it seemed like it would be fine to be called every frame, but it actually slowed things down. Buuut I think this is different, because it's the icon, which is probably not likely to be wanted to change every frame. I think the friendliness of creating an icon from a file path could outweigh the possibly-causing-unexpected-slowdown-ness.

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