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I think the incompatibility warning should be concise so it can be read quickly, maybe give some information about the version running and the version required, and if possible use something other than sleep to keep the message there for a duration, because sleeping makes it feel like it's frozen, and that never feels good. :D

I'm not sure what it should be. Maybe something like this?

This was made for LÖVE 0.8.0

The version running is LÖVE 0.9.0

There may be problems.

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  1. hahawoo reporter
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    The message has to be read within a few seconds. Currently, I think there is too much text to be read comfortably within a few seconds.

    In the case of the target version being formatted incorrectly, the error message could use a generic wording.

    This was made for a different version of LÖVE.

    The version running is LÖVE 0.9.0

    What do you think the message should convey exactly, which isn't conveyed in my proposed message?

    The first line of the current message tells the user that this "game" (which may not be a game) was made for a version (of LÖVE) that is probably incompatible. The second line is simply the obvious conclusion of the first line, so I don't think it's necessary. The third line tells the user not the judge the game or the "engine" if it doesn't work, which gives no useful information to the user.

    Would it possible for the incompatibility message to be like the default error message and not "freeze" via sleeping for 3 seconds? Something like this maybe?

    local start = love.timer.getTime()
    while love.timer.getTime() < start + 3 do
        love.event.pump(), 157, 220), 70, 70), 0, 0)
        for e, a, b, c in love.event.poll() do
            if e == "quit" then
            if e == "keypressed" and a == "escape" then
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