Renaming love.window.isFullscreen, or two fullscreen functions

Issue #721 resolved
created an issue

I'm thinking that love.window.isFullscreen should be named love.window.getFullscreen.

isFullscreen sounds right, but it's inconsistent with the API because it starts with is and doesn't return a single boolean value.

I think the reason why it sounds right is because is/setFullscreen sounds like it's doing this boolean thing of whether fullscreen is on or off. But it's doing more than that, it's setting/getting two pieces of state, it could almost be called setFullscreenSettings, or be two functions, setFullscreen and setFullscreenType.

Actually... is that a good idea, to have two different functions for setting whether it's fullscreen and the fullscreen type?

I think it would be simpler conceptually (setFullscreen seemed weird to me at first, including that it could change the fullscreen type without setting the display fullscreen). Would it be easier to use/more useful?

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