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Issue #757 resolved

getRendererInfo could return all of the information

created an issue

love.graphics.getRendererInfo currently takes a RendererInfoType constant and returns the info for this type.

info = love.graphics.getRendererInfo(RendererInfoType)

It seems inconsistent with love.system.getPowerInfo, which returns all of the information.

state, percent, seconds = love.system.getPowerInfo()

It's also different from the love.filesystem.getAppdata/Save/User/WorkingDirectory functions, which have different functions for each directory type.

It almost seems similar to love.graphics.isSupported, however that function can be given more than one argument.

My proposal is this:

name, version, vendor, device = love.graphics.getRendererInfo()

It's also perhaps more useful like this in practice (I assume it would be often used for getting information for debugging), and there's one less enum.

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