Replacing OpenAL with <plaid/audio>

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On occasion, OpenAL has inconsistencies, which could cause problems on certain problems. An example of this is the audio problems that the early versions of Mari0 faced, which required threading to overcome, and that is not very intuitive.

I stumbled across this audio library, which looks very promising, and may be better suited for Love2D than OpenAL.

I am wondering if it would make sense to, and how much of an improvement it would be.

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  1. Anders Ruud repo owner

    Interesting. Thanks for pointing that out.

    I read somewhere in a forum post (from 2012) that the developer of plaid/audio had a SDL backend in the works. If that backend exists now, it's even more interesting.

  2. Boolsheet

    I think it's still Apple's implementation of OpenAL that gets blamed for the issue that Mari0 had. The threading was implemented to make the user experience smoother and not to workaround the bug, if I remember correctly.

    There were also more bugs crushed in the meantime, which were falsely blamed on OpenAL (probably by me).

  3. muddmaker reporter

    I figure that this would eventually benefit love2d in more ways than just bug fixing, which is why I labeled it as a proposal rather than bug or improvement. Looking through the plaid/audio library, it has more features that could greatly expand, such as synth.

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