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Issue #803 resolved

Is it possible that we get Particles to slow down over time, like affected by friction ?

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While i was working with particle systems, i have encountered a problem. I want to make an explosion - like particle, and ideally i would like the smoke to stay for a while, but i can't seem to find anything to just make them deaccelerate, radial acceleration might sound like the solution, but it has the tendency of reversing the speed of particles, making them move towards the emitter, if you apply some randomness.

So, can we get a particle property, maybe called "friction", that will slow them down, eventually to zero velocity?

Thanks ! :)

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  1. Alex Szpakowski

    I think it would be nice if the LÖVE ParticleSystems were more programmable in the general sense (Custom update callback function? Particle objects?) but I'm worried about performance considerations with something like that.

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