Utilize SDL's community-maintained database of gamepad mappings

Issue #842 resolved
Alex Szpakowski
created an issue

There is a community-maintained database of button mappings for SDL's GameController API (used in LÖVE) here.

It might be useful for LÖVE to automatically make use of it somehow. However there likely isn't a nice way of keeping in sync with the database at all times without connecting to the internet at runtime, so LÖVE's version would probably only be updated when LÖVE is updated.

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  1. Seppi

    What if there was a function that could do this, e.g. love.joystick.SDLGameControllerUpdate() ?

    Another option would be to treat it as a third party source when building the binaries instead of directly having it in the repo.

  2. Landon Manning

    Instead of building it into the project, it might be more useful to allow developers to download the latest version and simply include it with their game files and process it at runtime?

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