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Seemingly infinite outline on arc as angle2 approaches tau

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I found a small bug when animating arcs. As the second angle approaches tau, the outline starts to misbehave as seen on the image.

Code is as follows:,255,255)"line", 400, 300, 100, 0, math.pi*(0+(59.9/10)/3))

Same happens with:,255,255)"line", 400, 300, 100, 0, math.pi*1.999)

This would not be a problem for static values (just round up/down the 1.999) but when animating with dt, it is highly noticeable.

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  1. OttoRobba reporter

    The fix does work but like you pointed out, the arcs can look quite "funky", specially with thicker lines. I wonder if there is a better solution. I'll test with different algorithms.

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