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Issue #859 invalid

love.audio.setVolume() doesn't affect paused sources

Andrew Anderson
created an issue

Changing the master volume with love.audio.setVolume() doesn't seem to affect sources if they are paused at the time of the change. Adjusting the specific source's volume with source:setVolume() works as expected on paused sources, however.

I have attached a .love which can be used to reproduce the issue:

  1. Push space to start playing the source
  2. Before it is finished, push space to pause the source
  3. Push m to turn the master volume down
  4. Push space to resume the source -- it plays at the original loud volume
  5. Push m to turn the master volume back up
  6. Try steps 1-4 again, pressing s instead of m -- observe that the volume is changed as expected

Comments (3)

  1. Alex Szpakowski

    Using Mac OS X, I can reproduce this bug with a normal LÖVE build (which uses OpenAL Soft), but the issue goes away if I use Apple's own system-provided implementation of OpenAL instead.

    It seems like this is a bug in OpenAL Soft's implementation of alSourcePause (or related functionality)...

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