in 0.6.2, ./configure on Ubuntu generates faulty src/Makefile

Issue #9 resolved
Parke Bostrom
created an issue

./configure generates a faulty src/Makefile on Ubuntu 10.04.

Specifically, src/Makefile's LIBS variable is missing the following:


(Or perhaps only one of them is needed, I haven't tested that.)

As a result, make generates 40 or so "undefined reference" errors when trying to link love.

For example: ./modules/sound/lullaby/FLACDecoder.o: In function ~FLACDecoder': /home/hack/love/love-20100303-db7cd0682883/src/modules/sound/lullaby/FLACDecoder.cpp:47: undefined reference toFLAC::Decoder::Stream::finish()'

Adding "-lFLAC -lFLAC++" to LIBS allows love to link successfully.

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  1. Parke Bostrom reporter

    With tip, ./configure immediately fails:

    $ ./configure

    configure: error: cannot find install-sh,, or shtool in platform/unix "."/platform/unix

    Any advice?

  2. Bart van Strien

    So, you go through the 'normal' procedure of doing these commands at the root, right? sh platform/unix/automagic ./configure make

    If so, this would be weird, I only recently built it on 10.04 and it builds in the ppa...

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