love / src / modules / keyboard / Keyboard.cpp

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#include "common/config.h"

#include "Keyboard.h"

namespace love
namespace keyboard

bool Keyboard::getConstant(const char *in, Keyboard::Key &out)
	return keys.find(in, out);

bool Keyboard::getConstant(Keyboard::Key in, const char  *&out)
	return keys.find(in, out);

StringMap<Keyboard::Key, Keyboard::KEY_MAX_ENUM>::Entry Keyboard::keyEntries[] =
	{"backspace", Keyboard::KEY_BACKSPACE},
	{"tab", Keyboard::KEY_TAB},
	{"clear", Keyboard::KEY_CLEAR},
	{"return", Keyboard::KEY_RETURN},
	{"pause", Keyboard::KEY_PAUSE},
	{"escape", Keyboard::KEY_ESCAPE},
	{" ", Keyboard::KEY_SPACE},
	{"!", Keyboard::KEY_EXCLAIM},
	{"\"", Keyboard::KEY_QUOTEDBL},
	{"#", Keyboard::KEY_HASH},
	{"$", Keyboard::KEY_DOLLAR},
	{"&", Keyboard::KEY_AMPERSAND},
	{"'", Keyboard::KEY_QUOTE},
	{"(", Keyboard::KEY_LEFTPAREN},
	{")", Keyboard::KEY_RIGHTPAREN},
	{"*", Keyboard::KEY_ASTERISK},
	{"+", Keyboard::KEY_PLUS},
	{",", Keyboard::KEY_COMMA},
	{"-", Keyboard::KEY_MINUS},
	{".", Keyboard::KEY_PERIOD},
	{"/", Keyboard::KEY_SLASH},
	{"0", Keyboard::KEY_0},
	{"1", Keyboard::KEY_1},
	{"2", Keyboard::KEY_2},
	{"3", Keyboard::KEY_3},
	{"4", Keyboard::KEY_4},
	{"5", Keyboard::KEY_5},
	{"6", Keyboard::KEY_6},
	{"7", Keyboard::KEY_7},
	{"8", Keyboard::KEY_8},
	{"9", Keyboard::KEY_9},
	{":", Keyboard::KEY_COLON},
	{";", Keyboard::KEY_SEMICOLON},
	{"<", Keyboard::KEY_LESS},
	{"=", Keyboard::KEY_EQUALS},
	{">", Keyboard::KEY_GREATER},
	{"?", Keyboard::KEY_QUESTION},
	{"@", Keyboard::KEY_AT},

	{"[", Keyboard::KEY_LEFTBRACKET},
	{"\\", Keyboard::KEY_BACKSLASH},
	{"]", Keyboard::KEY_RIGHTBRACKET},
	{"^", Keyboard::KEY_CARET},
	{"_", Keyboard::KEY_UNDERSCORE},
	{"`", Keyboard::KEY_BACKQUOTE},
	{"a", Keyboard::KEY_A},
	{"b", Keyboard::KEY_B},
	{"c", Keyboard::KEY_C},
	{"d", Keyboard::KEY_D},
	{"e", Keyboard::KEY_E},
	{"f", Keyboard::KEY_F},
	{"g", Keyboard::KEY_G},
	{"h", Keyboard::KEY_H},
	{"i", Keyboard::KEY_I},
	{"j", Keyboard::KEY_J},
	{"k", Keyboard::KEY_K},
	{"l", Keyboard::KEY_L},
	{"m", Keyboard::KEY_M},
	{"n", Keyboard::KEY_N},
	{"o", Keyboard::KEY_O},
	{"p", Keyboard::KEY_P},
	{"q", Keyboard::KEY_Q},
	{"r", Keyboard::KEY_R},
	{"s", Keyboard::KEY_S},
	{"t", Keyboard::KEY_T},
	{"u", Keyboard::KEY_U},
	{"v", Keyboard::KEY_V},
	{"w", Keyboard::KEY_W},
	{"x", Keyboard::KEY_X},
	{"y", Keyboard::KEY_Y},
	{"z", Keyboard::KEY_Z},
	{"delete", Keyboard::KEY_DELETE},

	{"kp0", Keyboard::KEY_KP0},
	{"kp1", Keyboard::KEY_KP1},
	{"kp2", Keyboard::KEY_KP2},
	{"kp3", Keyboard::KEY_KP3},
	{"kp4", Keyboard::KEY_KP4},
	{"kp5", Keyboard::KEY_KP5},
	{"kp6", Keyboard::KEY_KP6},
	{"kp7", Keyboard::KEY_KP7},
	{"kp8", Keyboard::KEY_KP8},
	{"kp9", Keyboard::KEY_KP9},
	{"kp.", Keyboard::KEY_KP_PERIOD},
	{"kp/", Keyboard::KEY_KP_DIVIDE},
	{"kp*", Keyboard::KEY_KP_MULTIPLY},
	{"kp-", Keyboard::KEY_KP_MINUS},
	{"kp+", Keyboard::KEY_KP_PLUS},
	{"kpenter", Keyboard::KEY_KP_ENTER},
	{"kp=", Keyboard::KEY_KP_EQUALS},

	{"up", Keyboard::KEY_UP},
	{"down", Keyboard::KEY_DOWN},
	{"right", Keyboard::KEY_RIGHT},
	{"left", Keyboard::KEY_LEFT},
	{"insert", Keyboard::KEY_INSERT},
	{"home", Keyboard::KEY_HOME},
	{"end", Keyboard::KEY_END},
	{"pageup", Keyboard::KEY_PAGEUP},
	{"pagedown", Keyboard::KEY_PAGEDOWN},

	{"f1", Keyboard::KEY_F1},
	{"f2", Keyboard::KEY_F2},
	{"f3", Keyboard::KEY_F3},
	{"f4", Keyboard::KEY_F4},
	{"f5", Keyboard::KEY_F5},
	{"f6", Keyboard::KEY_F6},
	{"f7", Keyboard::KEY_F7},
	{"f8", Keyboard::KEY_F8},
	{"f9", Keyboard::KEY_F9},
	{"f10", Keyboard::KEY_F10},
	{"f11", Keyboard::KEY_F11},
	{"f12", Keyboard::KEY_F12},
	{"f13", Keyboard::KEY_F13},
	{"f14", Keyboard::KEY_F14},
	{"f15", Keyboard::KEY_F15},

	{"numlock", Keyboard::KEY_NUMLOCK},
	{"capslock", Keyboard::KEY_CAPSLOCK},
	{"scrollock", Keyboard::KEY_SCROLLOCK},
	{"rshift", Keyboard::KEY_RSHIFT},
	{"lshift", Keyboard::KEY_LSHIFT},
	{"rctrl", Keyboard::KEY_RCTRL},
	{"lctrl", Keyboard::KEY_LCTRL},
	{"ralt", Keyboard::KEY_RALT},
	{"lalt", Keyboard::KEY_LALT},
	{"rmeta", Keyboard::KEY_RMETA},
	{"lmeta", Keyboard::KEY_LMETA},
	{"lsuper", Keyboard::KEY_LSUPER},
	{"rsuper", Keyboard::KEY_RSUPER},
	{"mode", Keyboard::KEY_MODE},
	{"compose", Keyboard::KEY_COMPOSE},

	{"help", Keyboard::KEY_HELP},
	{"print", Keyboard::KEY_PRINT},
	{"sysreq", Keyboard::KEY_SYSREQ},
	{"break", Keyboard::KEY_BREAK},
	{"menu", Keyboard::KEY_MENU},
	{"power", Keyboard::KEY_POWER},
	{"euro", Keyboard::KEY_EURO},
	{"undo", Keyboard::KEY_UNDO},

StringMap<Keyboard::Key, Keyboard::KEY_MAX_ENUM> Keyboard::keys(Keyboard::keyEntries, sizeof(Keyboard::keyEntries));

} // keyboard
} // love