love / src / modules / physics / Joint.cpp

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#include "Joint.h"

namespace love
namespace physics


bool Joint::getConstant(const char *in, Type &out)
	return types.find(in, out);

bool Joint::getConstant(Type in, const char  *&out)
	return types.find(in, out);

StringMap<Joint::Type, Joint::JOINT_MAX_ENUM>::Entry Joint::typeEntries[] =
	{"distance", Joint::JOINT_DISTANCE},
	{"revolute", Joint::JOINT_REVOLUTE},
	{"prismatic", Joint::JOINT_PRISMATIC},
	{"mouse", Joint::JOINT_MOUSE},
	{"pulley", Joint::JOINT_PULLEY},
	{"gear", Joint::JOINT_GEAR},
	{"friction", Joint::JOINT_FRICTION},
	{"weld", Joint::JOINT_WELD},
	{"wheel", Joint::JOINT_WHEEL},
	{"rope", Joint::JOINT_ROPE},

StringMap<Joint::Type, Joint::JOINT_MAX_ENUM> Joint::types(Joint::typeEntries, sizeof(Joint::typeEntries));

} // physics
} // love