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#include "common/Object.h"
#include "common/StringMap.h"
#include "OpenGL.h"
#include "Image.h"
#include "Canvas.h"

// STL
#include <string>
#include <map>
#include <vector>

namespace love
namespace graphics
namespace opengl
// A GLSL shader
class Shader : public Object, public Volatile

	// Pointer to currently active Shader.
	static Shader *current;

	enum ShaderType

	// Type for a list of shader source codes in the form of sources[shadertype] = code
	typedef std::map<ShaderType, std::string> ShaderSources;

	 * Creates a new Shader using a list of source codes.
	 * Sources must contain either vertex or pixel shader code, or both.
	Shader(const ShaderSources &sources);

	virtual ~Shader();

	// Implements Volatile
	virtual bool loadVolatile();
	virtual void unloadVolatile();

	 * Binds this Shader's program to be used when rendering.
	 * @param temporary True if we just want to send values to the shader with no intention of rendering.
	void attach(bool temporary = false);

	 * Detach the currently bound Shader.
	 * Causes the GPU rendering pipeline to use fixed functionality in place of shader programs.
	static void detach();

	 * Returns any warnings this Shader may have generated.
	std::string getWarnings() const;

	 * Send at least one float or vector value to this Shader as a uniform.
	 * @param name The name of the uniform variable in the source code.
	 * @param size Number of elements in each vector to send.
	 *             A value of 1 indicates a single-component vector (a float).
	 * @param vec Pointer to the float or vector values.
	 * @param count Number of float or vector values.
	void sendFloat(const std::string &name, int size, const GLfloat *vec, int count);

	 * Send at least one matrix to this Shader as a uniform.
	 * @param name The name of the uniform variable in the source code.
	 * @param size Number of rows/columns in the matrix.
	 * @param m Pointer to the first element of the first matrix.
	 * @param count Number of matrices to send.
	void sendMatrix(const std::string &name, int size, const GLfloat *m, int count);

	 * Send an image to this Shader as a uniform.
	 * @param name The name of the uniform variable in the source code.
	void sendImage(const std::string &name, const Image &image);

	 * Send a canvas to this Shader as a uniform.
	 * @param name The name of the uniform variable in the source code.
	void sendCanvas(const std::string &name, const Canvas &canvas);

	static std::string getGLSLVersion();
	static bool isSupported();


	// Represents a single uniform/extern shader variable.
	struct Uniform
		GLint location;
		GLint count;
		GLenum type;
		std::string name;

	// Types of potential uniform variables used in love's shaders.
	enum UniformType

	// Map active uniform names to their locations.
	void mapActiveUniforms();

	const Uniform &getUniform(const std::string &name) const;

	int getUniformTypeSize(GLenum type) const;
	UniformType getUniformBaseType(GLenum type) const;
	void checkSetUniformError(const Uniform &u, int size, int count, UniformType sendtype) const;

	GLuint compileCode(ShaderType type, const std::string &code);
	void createProgram(const std::vector<GLuint> &shaderids);

	int getTextureUnit(const std::string &name);

	void sendTexture(const std::string &name, GLuint texture);

	// Get any warnings or errors generated only by the shader program object.
	std::string getProgramWarnings() const;

	// List of all shader code attached to this Shader
	ShaderSources shaderSources;

	// Shader compiler warning strings for individual shader stages.
	std::map<ShaderType, std::string> shaderWarnings;

	// volatile
	GLuint program;

	// Uniform location buffer map
	std::map<std::string, Uniform> uniforms;

	// Texture unit pool for setting images
	std::map<std::string, GLint> textureUnitPool; // textureUnitPool[name] = textureunit
	std::vector<GLuint> activeTextureUnits; // activeTextureUnits[textureunit-1] = textureid

	// Max GPU texture units available for sent images
	static GLint maxTextureUnits;

	// Counts total number of textures bound to each texture unit in all shaders
	static std::vector<int> textureCounters;

	static StringMap<ShaderType, TYPE_MAX_ENUM>::Entry typeNameEntries[];
	static StringMap<ShaderType, TYPE_MAX_ENUM> typeNames;

} // opengl
} // graphics
} // love