love / src / modules / image / magpie / ddsHandler.cpp

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#include "ddsHandler.h"

#include <algorithm>

namespace love
namespace image
namespace magpie

bool ddsHandler::canParse(const filesystem::FileData *data)
	std::string ext = data->getExtension();
	std::transform(ext.begin(), ext.end(), ext.begin(), tolower);

	if ("dds") != 0)
		return false;

	return dds::isCompressedDDS(data->getData(), data->getSize());

CompressedData::TextureType ddsHandler::parse(filesystem::FileData *data, std::vector<CompressedData::SubImage> &images)
	if (!dds::isDDS(data->getData(), data->getSize()))
		throw love::Exception("Could not decode compressed data (not a DDS file?)");

	CompressedData::TextureType textype = CompressedData::TYPE_UNKNOWN;

		// Attempt to parse the dds file.
		dds::Parser parser(data->getData(), data->getSize());

		textype = convertFormat(parser.getFormat());

		if (textype == CompressedData::TYPE_UNKNOWN)
			throw love::Exception("Could not parse compressed data: Unsupported format.");

		if (parser.getMipmapCount() == 0)
			throw love::Exception("Could not parse compressed data: No readable texture data.");

		// Copy the parsed mipmap levels from the FileData to our CompressedData.
		for (size_t i = 0; i < parser.getMipmapCount(); i++)
			// Fetch the data for this mipmap level.
			const dds::Image *img = parser.getImageData(i);

			CompressedData::SubImage mip;

			mip.width = img->width;
			mip.height = img->height;
			mip.size = img->dataSize;

			// Copy the mipmap image from the FileData. = new uint8[mip.size];
			memcpy(, img->data, mip.size);

	catch (std::exception &e)
		// Clean up any newly allocated heap memory before throwing.
		for (size_t i = 0; i < images.size(); i++)
			delete[] images[i].data;

		throw love::Exception(e.what());

	return textype;

CompressedData::TextureType ddsHandler::convertFormat(dds::Format ddsformat)
	switch (ddsformat)
	case dds::FORMAT_DXT1:
		return CompressedData::TYPE_DXT1;
	case dds::FORMAT_DXT3:
		return CompressedData::TYPE_DXT3;
	case dds::FORMAT_DXT5:
		return CompressedData::TYPE_DXT5;
	case dds::FORMAT_BC5:
		return CompressedData::TYPE_BC5;
	case dds::FORMAT_BC5s:
		return CompressedData::TYPE_BC5s;
		return CompressedData::TYPE_UNKNOWN;

	return CompressedData::TYPE_UNKNOWN;

} // magpie
} // image
} // love