love / src / modules / audio / openal / Source.h

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 * warranty.  In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages
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 * Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose,
 * including commercial applications, and to alter it and redistribute it
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 * 3. This notice may not be removed or altered from any source distribution.


#include "common/config.h"
#include "common/Object.h"
#include "audio/Source.h"
#include "sound/SoundData.h"
#include "sound/Decoder.h"

// OpenAL
#include <OpenAL-Soft/alc.h>
#include <OpenAL-Soft/al.h>
#include <AL/alc.h>
#include <AL/al.h>

namespace love
namespace audio
namespace openal

class Audio;
class Pool;

class Source : public love::audio::Source
	Source(Pool *pool, love::sound::SoundData *soundData);
	Source(Pool *pool, love::sound::Decoder *decoder);
	virtual ~Source();

	virtual love::audio::Source *copy();
	virtual void play();
	virtual void stop();
	virtual void pause();
	virtual void resume();
	virtual void rewind();
	virtual bool isStopped() const;
	virtual bool isPaused() const;
	virtual bool isFinished() const;
	virtual bool update();
	virtual void setPitch(float pitch);
	virtual float getPitch() const;
	virtual void setVolume(float volume);
	virtual float getVolume() const;
	virtual void seekAtomic(float offset, void *unit);
	virtual void seek(float offset, Unit unit);
	virtual float tellAtomic(void *unit) const;
	virtual float tell(Unit unit);
	virtual void setPosition(float *v);
	virtual void getPosition(float *v) const;
	virtual void setVelocity(float *v);
	virtual void getVelocity(float *v) const;
	virtual void setDirection(float *v);
	virtual void getDirection(float *v) const;
	virtual void setCone(float innerAngle, float outerAngle, float outerVolume);
	virtual void getCone(float &innerAngle, float &outerAngle, float &outerVolume) const;
	virtual void setRelativePosition(bool relative);
	virtual bool hasRelativePosition() const;
	void setLooping(bool looping);
	bool isLooping() const;
	bool isStatic() const;
	virtual void setMinVolume(float volume);
	virtual float getMinVolume() const;
	virtual void setMaxVolume(float volume);
	virtual float getMaxVolume() const;
	virtual void setReferenceDistance(float distance);
	virtual float getReferenceDistance() const;
	virtual void setRolloffFactor(float factor);
	virtual float getRolloffFactor() const;
	virtual void setMaxDistance(float distance);
	virtual float getMaxDistance() const;
	virtual int getChannels() const;

	void playAtomic();
	void stopAtomic();
	void pauseAtomic();
	void resumeAtomic();
	void rewindAtomic();


	void reset();

	void setFloatv(float *dst, const float *src) const;

	 * Gets the OpenAL format identifier based on number of
	 * channels and bits.
	 * @param channels Either 1 (mono) or 2 (stereo).
	 * @param bitDepth Either 8-bit samples, or 16-bit samples.
	 * @return One of AL_FORMAT_*, or 0 if unsupported format.
	ALenum getFormat(int channels, int bitDepth) const;

	int streamAtomic(ALuint buffer, love::sound::Decoder *d);

	Pool *pool;
	ALuint source;
	bool valid;
	static const unsigned int MAX_BUFFERS = 32;
	ALuint buffers[MAX_BUFFERS];

	float pitch;
	float volume;
	float position[3];
	float velocity[3];
	float direction[3];
	bool relativePosition;
	bool looping;
	bool paused;
	float minVolume;
	float maxVolume;
	float referenceDistance;
	float rolloffFactor;
	float maxDistance;

	struct Cone
		int innerAngle; // degrees
		int outerAngle; // degrees
		float outerVolume;

			: innerAngle(360)
			, outerAngle(360)
			, outerVolume(0.0f)
	} cone;

	float offsetSamples;
	float offsetSeconds;

	int channels;

	love::sound::Decoder *decoder;

	unsigned int toLoop;

}; // Source

} // openal
} // audio
} // love