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#include "common/config.h"
#include "common/Module.h"
#include "common/StringMap.h"

// stdlib
#include <string>

namespace love
namespace system

class System : public Module

	enum PowerState

	virtual ~System() {}

	 * Gets the current operating system.
	std::string getOS() const;

	 * Gets the number of reported CPU cores on the current system.
	 * Does not account for technologies such as Hyperthreading: a 4-core
	 * Hyperthreading-enabled Intel CPU will report 8, instead of 4.
	virtual int getProcessorCount() const = 0;

	 * Replaces the contents of the system's text clipboard with a string.
	 * @param text The clipboard text to set.
	virtual void setClipboardText(const std::string &text) const = 0;

	 * Gets the contents of the system's text clipboard.
	virtual std::string getClipboardText() const = 0;

	 * Gets information about the system's power supply.
	 * @param[out] seconds Time in seconds of battery life left.
	 *             -1 if a value can't be determined.
	 * @param[out] percent The percentage of battery life left (0-100.)
	 *             -1 if a value can't be determined.
	 * @return The current state of the battery.
	virtual PowerState getPowerInfo(int &seconds, int &percent) const = 0;

	 * Opens the specified URL with the user's default program to handle that
	 * particular URL type.
	 * @param url The URL to open.
	 * @return Whether the URL was opened successfully.
	virtual bool openURL(const std::string &url) const;

	static bool getConstant(const char *in, PowerState &out);
	static bool getConstant(PowerState in, const char *&out);


	static StringMap<PowerState, POWER_MAX_ENUM>::Entry powerEntries[];
	static StringMap<PowerState, POWER_MAX_ENUM> powerStates;

}; // System

} // system
} // love

#endif // LOVE_SYSTEM_H