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Megasource is a CMake-buildable collection of all LÖVE dependencies.

It currently only works on Windows, but will also work on OSX. It could certainly also work on Linux, but good package managers makes megasource less relevant there.


  • Windows.
  • Visual Studio 2013 (Express) preferably for desktop. VS 2015 and 2017 also work, but they have 40 more runtime DLLs distributed with love compared to VS 2013.
  • CMake 3.1 or greater.
  • NSIS if you want to build the LÖVE installer.


To build just the dependencies:

$ hg clone megasource
$ cd megasource
$ cmake -G "Visual Studio 12" -H. -Bbuild
$ cmake --build build --target megatest --config Release

... or you can of course open the solution file in Visual Studio and build from there instead of invoking cmake --build.

If you want to build LÖVE, clone LÖVE into the libs folder. Megasource will automatically look for it there. E.g.:

$ hg clone megasource
$ cd megasource
$ hg clone libs/love
$ cmake -G "Visual Studio 12" -H. -Bbuild
$ cmake --build build --target love/love --config Release

The binaries can be found in build/love/Release.

If you want to build the installer, replace the previous build command with:

$ cmake --build build --target PACKAGE --config Release

A zip with the binaries and the installer will appear in build.