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Added more strings and another trigger

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 def schwubedigen():
     times = [1] * 50 + [2] * 20 + [3] * 15 + [4] * 10 + [5] * 5
-    return "Schwubedi%swubs" % ("wubedi"*choice(times))
+    return "Schwubedi%swups" % ("wubedi"*choice(times))
 # sources can be strings or callables.
 # a callable must yield a string
 sources = [
+    "Aiai AI AI AI",
+    "Be careful young man",
+    "Be very very careful",
+    "End and finish",
     "Fucking shit and hell!",
     "Heiland donnerwetter!",
     "I am a little bit skeptic",
     "I would not do it like that",
     "No really. No really.",
+    "Schops. I go back to work",
     "Thack, thack, thack",
     "That is a little bit crazy",
+    "This is just some fucking shit",
     "We should get a big piece of meat",
     "We should have a nice MEATing",
-    "Aiai AI AI AI",
-    "End and finish",
-    "This is just some fucking shit",
+    "you are confused young man",
     schwubedigen, # more likely, so lets repeat it
 class BiBaBot(IRCBot):
     krebs = Krebbie()
     def command_patterns(self):
-        words = [".*krebbie.*", ".*chrisk.*", ".*krebs.*"]
+        words = [".*krebbie.*", ".*chrisk.*", ".*krebs.*", ".*krebby.*"]
         return [(re.compile(e, re.I), self.handle_krebs) for e in words]
     def handle_krebs(self, nick, message, channel):
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