David Håsäther committed 813ccb4

Add a comment on changeset 5e5d2199b7ee18c7ca9911923bd3f625e397e780

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+    "author": "David H\u00e5s\u00e4ther <>", 
+    "file": [
+        "src/ecma-debugger/js-source-view.js", 
+        "c3JjL2VjbWEtZGVidWdnZXIvanMtc291cmNlLXZpZXcuanM="
+    ], 
+    "hgdate": "Tue May 10 15:03:27 2011 +0200", 
+    "lines": [
+        168
+    ], 
+    "message": "Looks crap.", 
+    "node": "5e5d2199b7ee18c7ca9911923bd3f625e397e780", 
+    "style": "markdown"
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