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Issue #19 open

Stoplist for unshortener

created an issue

I think it will be a good option if users can provide some kind of list of sites where unshortening shouldn't be used. The best way is probably multi-line edit box in Advanced Options where each line represents one site to block extension on.

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  1. Rune Halvorsen repo owner

    Nice! I'll poke at it when I get time. Importing stuff from there is easy enough, but probably needs some testing. As in, a bunch of shorteners use landing pages and other crap, which we can't reasonably deal with.

  2. Dither reporter

    It will be useful only if extension will completely ignore such sites. The use-case is to quick-fix some buggy sites without modifying extension because now it runs on all of them even if there is no need for unshortening at all or there are unwanted effects.

  3. Dither reporter

    Yep. That was the idea. I think something like this: if(!in_array(window.location.hostname, stoplist)) window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() { ... will be good.

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