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  2. tweetstream


tweetstream / CHANGELOG


 - Initial version


 - Improved error handling
 - Added AuthenticationError and ConnectionError exceptions
 - Added ReconnectingTweetStream class that supports automatically
   reconnecting if the connection is dropped


 - Fixed bugs in authtentication
 - Added TrackStream and FollowStream classes
 - Added list of endpoint names, and made them legal values for the url arg


 - Added lots of tests
 - Added proper handling of keepalive newlines
 - Improved handling of closing streams
 - Added missing anyjson dependency to setup
 - Fixed bug where newlines and malformed content were counted as a tweet


 - This release was skipped over, due to maintainer brainfart.


 - Fixed setup.py so it wont attempt to load modules that aren't installed
   yet. Fixes installation issue.


 - Updated to latest twitter streaming urls
 - Fixed a bug where we tried to call a method on None


 - Removed a spurious print statement left over from debugging
 - Introduced common base class for all tweetstream exceptions
 - Make sure we raise a sensible error on 404. Include url in desc of that error


 - Added LocationStream class for filtering on location bounding boxes.


 - Changed API to match latest twitter endpoints. This adds SampleStream and
   FilterStream and deprecates TweetStream, FollowStream, LocationStream,
   TrackStream and ReconnectingTweetStream.


 - Fixed issues #2 and #12, related to low volume streams not yielding tweets
   until a relatively large buffer was filled. This meant that tweets would
   arrive in bunches, not immediatly.
 - Switched to HTTPS urls for streams. Twitter will switch off HTTP streams
   on 29. sept. 2011.
 - Added support for Python 3


 - Fixed issue #16. Odd case where python_version_tuple was returning ints
   rather than the strings the docs promis. Make sure we always cast to int.


 - Added "raw" kwarg to stream classes. Returns raw tweets rather than
   decoding the JSON.

 - New, fine grained, disconnect exceptions. Adds a ReconnectableError
   of which there are three subclases for different reconnect behaviours.