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Linux Installer

Each installer consists out of two files. These files have the following suffixes:

  • (the actually installer)
  • (the SHA256 sum of the installer)

We use MojoSetup to build our installers.

Running The Installer

Basically the installers are self extracting Zip files, which are real ELF binaries. In order to execute them the user who is going to do the installation needs the proper permissions. Here is an example on how to achieve this:

chmod u+x

Verifying The Installer Integrity

In order to make sure the downloaded installer was not corrupted during the download, you can compare its hash sum. The installer and the matching SHA256 file need to be in the same directory. You also need to run the sha256 command from that same directory.

Here is an example, how to verify a SHA256 sum of a installer:

sha256sum -c