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robinhood_public / Changelog

Improvements since version 2012-11-19:

  • pressing CTRL + G will grab/ungrab the mouse instead of ALT + G
  • disable XRandR usage in SDL - enabled it with the SDL_VIDEO_X11_XRANDR=1 environment variable
  • add a workaround to make the game working on Ubuntu's Unity (Compiz)
  • added multi language support

Improvements since version 2012-11-14:

  • window title gets set when game starts in fullscreen and the user toggles to windowed mode
  • fix swapped FR/DE language files when using CDROM installer

Improvements since version 2012-11-08:

  • fix lower-/uppercase writing of filenames
  • fix permissions set by the installer

Improvements since version 2012-11-05:

  • apply a hopefully temporary workaround to overcome a showstoping bug

Improvements since version 2012-11-02:

  • patched the SDL library to use the XRandR extension by default, fixes fullscreen issues with Ubuntu Unity

Improvements since version 2012-10-22:

  • manuals (English, German, French) added to download installer
  • pressing ALT + Return instead of F12 will switch between fullscreen and windowed mode
  • pressing ALT + G will grab/ungrab the mouse
    • input grabbing is enabled by default and can be disabled by starting Robin Hood with the -NOINPUTGRAB argument

Improvements since initial release:

  • settings, profiles and screenshots are saved in the user's home directory. To transfer existing savegames, move everything under $OLDINSTALLDIRECTORY/Data/Savegame/ to $HOME/.config/runesoft/robinhood/
    • settings/profile/savegames: $HOME/.config/runesoft/robinhood/
    • cache/logs: $HOME/.cache/runesoft/robinhood/
    • screenshots: $HOME/.local/share/runesoft/robinhood/
  • pressing F12 will switch between fullscreen and windowed mode
  • the binary is dynamically linked and all uncommon libraries are included
    • this will allow the game to run on Linux distributions with broken SDL builds
  • no more debug messages printed to console
  • support for other sound drivers like ALSA and Pulseaudio in addition to OSS
  • CPU clockrate and installed memory get showed correctly in options screen