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 define("database", default='database.db', help="database filename", type=str)
 define("tanks", default=5, help="number of tanks", type=int)
 define("specs", default=10, help="species per tank", type=int)
-define("giants", default=0, help="how many giants?", type=int)
+#define("giants", default=0, help="how many giants?", type=int)
 define("shelf_after", default=0, help="where is shelf?", type=int)
 define("shelf_size", default=0, help="how big is shelf?", type=int)
+define("norun", default=0, help="print and exit", type=int)
 define("debug", default=0, help="debug runlevel", type=int)
 define("debug_delay", default=0, help="debug: fake response delay", type=float)
 define("debug_failure", default=0, help="debug: fake request failure", type=int)
 	global m
 	m = Manager()
+	if options.norun:
+		print("BY REQUEST, WON'T RUN")
+		return
 	if history_file: # initial logging
 		lo = history_dom.createElement("init")
 		for gid, g in m.tanks.iteritems():