Xola - Google Maps Mashup


This project plots Xola's Experiences onto Google Maps, allowing you to see the various experiences availaible to you. This fetches the list of experiences from and uses that as a source to plot against a full-scale USA map.

A demo is available here.

A Screenshot



  • Filter by category (Trekking, Hiking, Road Climbing etc.)
  • Better Icons, or icons per category (DONE)
  • If you're in the US, request your location and focus the maps on your state. (DONE)
  • Add more photos of each experience, photos, pricing etc in a lower window. (DONE)
  • Better metrics and analytics via a custom library. Currently, there's minimal tracking in the heart of the code.

Technical Stuff

This project is done using BackboneJS, Xola API and the Google Maps API.

Map Icons Collection by Nicolas Mollet Logo