Process runner inspired by foreman

You should use it during development.


Create a Henfile (it is YAML):

name: Shopium[dev]
    web: "python -u ./manage.py runserver -b"
    cdn: "python -u ./dev_cdn_server.py"
    solr: "./run_solr"
    workers: "python -u ./manage.py runworkers"
    smtp_worker: "sh -c \"PYTHONPATH=libs:core python workers/smtp_gateway.py  shopium.ini\""

Run hen:


Running with some processes disabled:

hen --nocdn --nosolr


pip install hen


Tested with Python 2.7 and Python 3.2/3.3

How to contribute

It is easy. Fork repo on GitHub, fix stuff and send me nice looking pull-request.

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