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CSharp and Mono Tools for SCons


SCons is a build framework originally for C, C++, Fortran, and D builds. I has though a tools (think plugin) architecture that allows tools to be built for other language builds. This repository contains two tools, one for C# and one for Mono – Mono is an implementation of C#, but the command structure is somewhat different.

The sources in this repository were originally taken from the SCons wiki where people had been putting sources for tools such as this before the rise of Git, GitHub, Mercurial and BitBucket. This repository represents the up to date mainline for these tools as noted on the SCons wiki.


There are two main ways of installing these tools, depending on whether you want the installed on a per project or per user basis.

Per project

In the project directory at the same level as the SConstruct file, create a site_scons directory with a site_tools subdirectory. cd to this directory and clone the Mercurial repository here:

hg clone csharp

This creates the csharp tool for this project and only this project.

Per person

Ensure you have a ~/.scons/site_scons and a site_tools subdirectory. cd to this location and clone the repository:

hg clone csharp

This creates the csharp tool for all projects for this user.

Other things

Obviously the above is only two ways of doing things, there are many variants that fit with different people's workflows. For example many clone repositories into one place to make update easy and the use symbolic links from the places SCons need to find things to the actual locations of the repositories.

It is important to ensure the clones are up to date, though changes are fairly infrequent.


This software is provided by the SCons Foundation under the MIT Licence. MIT Licence